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Mapas Native finalmente libres de BUGs!

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Mapas Native finalmente libres de BUGs!

Mensaje por MeTal el Sáb Feb 04, 2012 4:41 pm

Se repararon todos los mapas que contenian glitchs o bugs evidentes que daban ventaja en uno u otro sentido, los mapas pesan muy poquito, pero para el que los quiera tener en una sola descarga aqui se los dejo:


Mapas con los bugs o glitches reparados:

Nord Town

  • Using the carts to get onto rooves.
  • Getting under the walkway at low spawn.
  • Trick jumping from the catwalk to the roof of the house at the U shape, at fort spawn.
  • Jumping off the catwalk at fortspawn and taking 0 damage.
  • Having to jump up the steps, onto the wall.
  • Getting inside various things. #needs verification
  • Jumping onto the roof near the wall.
  • Jumping on to the roof, at 2nd spawn, from the palisades on the catwalks.
  • Glitching out of the map, at 2nd spawn.

Port Assault

  • Using broken beams to glitch onto blocked parts of certain rooves.
  • Sliding off the stable (by the wall), if you don't jump onto it.
  • Jumping from the ladder, connecting the houses, to the roof of the smaller house.
  • Getting stuck at the top of the ladder in the middle house.
  • Getting out of the map.


  • Clothlines to get onto middle rooves.
  • Getting on top of the beams above towers.
  • Jumping on the cloths above the pillowed area.
  • Using a horse to reach other areas, from the roof with 2 ladders.
  • Falling down the gap, behind the Barn.
  • Getting stuck on the straw house, at front rooves.
  • Jumping to the perimeter wall, from the back roof with the wooden stairs and ladder and the balcony that overlooks the flag position.
  • Leapfrogging over teammates, to get to higher, adjacent wall segments.
  • Accessing a cloth patterned awning, near the "alleys" flag spawn.


  • Jumping onto the low walls.
  • Getting and hiding inside walls.
  • Jumping onto the house, at village spawn.

Ruined Fort

  • Jumping onto the low ruined wall, facing village spawn.
  • Jumping onto the end of the wall, near ruins.
  • Jumping onto the house, at village spawn.
  • Walking inside the wall, at the edge of the round tower.

Field by the River

  • Jumping onto the houses, at the 1st spawn.
  • Using a horse, to get onto the rooves, at 2nd spawn.

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